Permanent Injuries

At the Hunter Law Firm, P.A., our lawyers frequently handle personal injury cases involving life-changing, permanent injuries. The challenge in these cases often lies in assessing the case's full value. Getting compensation for current medical bills and lost wages simply is not enough. Compensation must cover a lifetime of medical care and lost wages. For that reason, these claims are often valued at hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, we know how to properly assess permanent injury claims. When necessary, we work with medical experts, life care planners, economists and other professionals who can help us understand exactly how much money we should pursue for an accident victim. Then we pursue every penny, working hard to make certain that the victim is never left to struggle financially because of someone else's negligence.

Brain Injuries And Other Life-Changing Injuries

Brain injuries are among the most serious injuries. Even brain injuries that are labeled mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI) can prevent a person from working due to the fact that they may result in long-lasting cognitive difficulties, including memory loss. Of course, the most severe brain injuries may cause permanent incapacitation. Our brain injury attorneys are skilled at handling these complex personal injury cases.

We also handle cases involving spinal cord injuries, including those that result in paralysis. Those who suffer from paraplegia or quadriplegia after an accident may have difficulty returning to work in their previous occupation, if they are able to return to work at all. They will also face a lifetime of medical costs, from physical therapy and surgeries to expenses like replacement wheelchairs and home modifications. We work to see that all costs are covered.

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